Missions Department

We meet 3-4 times per year. There is no age group restriction. Congregants interested in missions are welcome to join the department.
The Missions Department responsibilities include:
1. Establish and encourage congregation to participate in day/short-term missions opportunities
2. Update church members monthly with prayer items for long-term TCMC missionaries
3. Update mission board with latest news from missionaries supported
4. Propose an annual budget for Missions spending and expedite payments to m-organizations and missionaries
5. Establish and maintain a list of approved missionary organizations and liaise with them
6. Review and approve all short-term missions (not organized by TCMC)
7. Interview applicants and approve TCMC short-term mission applications and financial assistance
8. Keep in touch with the missionary while he or she is on the field
9. Host meeting(s) to facilitate reporting back and sharing of experiences for the returned missionaries
10. Review, approve and keep a record of all missionaries' expense report